In the beginning there was ‘Mum’. 

11 thoughts on “In the beginning there was ‘Mum’. ”

  1. WOW! brilliant first blog. Your honesty is much needed in todays world. I’m sure this will help many mums & I hope it helps you. I look forward to reading the next one x

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  2. Posted the same reply on your husband facebook but made a few changes. I knew Geoff at school. I know just how you feel Mrs M ( sorry I don’t know your nsme!) I had a very traumatic birth with my son, waters broke nothing happened, 3 epidurals 1st went wrong numbing my whole body so I couldn’t move anything, developed incurable tinnitus from epidural which I’ve had 8+ years now so permanently on meds, & also had emergency C- section, my son Kieran was in & out if hospital since birth for several months as he wasn’t gaining weight due to undiagnosed reflux. I was also on anti- depressants for PD which I’m taking again now due to depression from tinnitus. You are not alone. Felt so down after the birth of my son. Really struggled with everything. One minute I was happy next I was crying. Found it horrible trying to cope with everything. Docs & nurses kept telling me it was hormones but it turned out to be PD. So many women suffer from PD & never get the support they need. Thank you for your blogx


  3. Well done Mrs M. A subject extremely close to my heart!!! Very brave and honest of you and heartfelt entertaining writing. Looking forward to reading more!

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  4. Welcome to the blog world lovely! And such a great topic to talk about. Everyone these days knows about depression but not that many understand it! Good luck with the blog, judging by the first few posts I’ve read, it’s going to be a fab read!!! Lots of newbie love x x

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  5. Where the journey began. Sorry for the traumatic birth of your precious boy, but these babies are such an amazing blessing (even on the downlow of PND).

    good to catch up on this, and this is oh-so-candid for a first blog post. We could all do with some honesty in our lives. 🙂 hugs Mumma

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