Short and (bitter) sweet….

8 thoughts on “Short and (bitter) sweet….”

    1. Thanks So much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I am winning the war, finally. This is written as I was feeling a year ago. I’m only now finding the strength to talk about it all. Feel free to share the link if you think others may find it useful. All the best. xx


  1. Lovely inspiring piece.
    I was so unaware of the complexities, length & severity of both PND & PTSD. I wish this was more out in the open, more normalised, so it didn’t strike us all down with so much guilt & confusion. It’s like being diagnosed & then stumbling about in the dark trying to find out own way out! Thanks for sharing x

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  2. Reading through your blog tonight, I am struck by how positive your attitude is, your relentless fighter spirit, your unwavering optimism. Yes, I relate (and remember) those PPD moments, they almost bogged me down, like you say, it is a battle. one that is won from many quarters, You are in the right place. I will say it, I am proud of you, certainly.

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