Master of disguise.

13 thoughts on “Master of disguise.”

  1. Wow, very brave girl! I am guessing this blog is really helping. Feed on the love that only your children can give you, they have an unconditional love which is like no other! Please never feel guilty, it’s one of the most useless feelings around.

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  2. All of this is so true, I could have written it myself. I hid behind a mask for so long but it was just too hard and eventually I cracked. It is amazing but I have actually found so many people are really receptive to being open about our true feelings, so hopefully you will too. Good luck with reducing your antidepressants. Xx

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  3. I can relate so much to this, especially the internal dialogue when people ask you how you are. Weirdly, I still don’t really like the question “how are you?” Because I analyse my mood so much and look over my shoulder for anxiety and depression I don’t like to spend even a few minutes wondering how I am, I’d rather just get on with (and mostly enjoy!) my day.

    I’m so pleased you are doing so much better. You will continue to get stronger.

    Huge well done for sharing what must have been a v difficult post.

    L x

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  4. I read this and it reminded me of a post I penned on the same: Masked ( Link for those who may benefit: ). It is so exhausting to wear that mask time and again, yet it always looks like the easier way out (partly to avoid unwarranted scrutiny).

    The cliche ‘How are you’ ‘I am fine’: utterly detested this! Yet, I am now learning to ask this question if i truly want to know how someone is, and to give my time to listen to them. Your take on these questions from the eyes of PND is spot on!! I lied through red eyes, a hoarse voice and matted dry unkempt hair!

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    1. It’s so tough right. I’m now struggling with the guilt of lying to so many people. Partly to spare them from the horror of how I was really feeling. Thanks again for your feedback 😘 xxx


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