Coping with post-natal depression. 

10 thoughts on “Coping with post-natal depression. ”

  1. OMG you had me crying by the time I finished reading this, you’ve really hit a nerve!! Especially when you talk about living again rather than just coping because that’s what I want, to really enjoy life again!! To feel like me!! It’s almost 12 months since I first went to the Dr’s and yes I have come a long way but I’m nowhere near where I want to be and that frustrates me!! I too feel it’s the day to day stuff the hardest, the washing, dishes, housework and it seems never ending!! I’ve been in a rough patch for a few months but I know we’ll get there!! With the wonderful support of our #pndfamily!! Much love!! Xxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Reaching people like yourself is why I started writing about my journey with PND. Sorry to hear your going through a rough patch at the moment. It feels like an uphill struggle everyday doesn’t it…. Together we will get there. Sending loads of love your way xxxx


      1. I couldn’t read and not comment!! I started writing my blog to help others too, although I’m not sure if I have yet!
        It does, it feels like I’m constantly fighting against myself which is so exhausting!! And I’ve got behind with everything so I’m running to catch up but don’t seem to get very far!! These babies/toddlers cause destruction wherever they go!!
        Thank you for the love, it is returned!! Xxxxxx

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      2. You sound like you’re in a similar place to where I have been. I promise you it will get easier. The balance will return and things will start to get easier and fall into place. Hope you’re getting plenty of support? xx


      3. I know it’ll get easier, I’m already a long way from where I was 6 months ago but I guess I just want it to happen quicker than it is!! I’ve got a lovely supportive group of friends who I work with, work are there if I need help, my mum and dad are always at the end of the phone (the wonders of whatsapp) and my brother is the other side of the drive and my mummy friends are there for me too!! Just a shame there’s no man here to help lighten the load, hey ho maybe one day in the future Mr right will sweep me off my feet!! Xxx


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